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Introduction to Cleaner Production

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The Sustainable Development Journey
A good place to start is the Business and Sustainable Development web site by The International Institute for Sustainable Development IISDnet. Follow the Introduction - The Sustainable Development Journey to get an understanding of the importance of incorporating sustainable development into business strategies.

Introduction to Cleaner Production

After the Journey, read the Cleaner Production Manual put up by the Manufacturing Partnership of Western Massachusetts, Inc.  Chapter 3 is most relavent and gives a good introduction to Cleaner Production. View it at

For UNEP's definition on Cleaner Production, go to An extension of that definition can be found at The International Institute for Sustainable Development IISDnet's page -

Another good stop for Cleaner Production is The Eco-efficiency and Cleaner Production Homepage put up by EnviroNET Australia. The introduction on Cleanner Production can be found at

Putting it to good use

The first step for the successful implementation of Cleaner Production is to start with one that is low or no cost, and that uses common sense measures to improve environmental performance and overall productivity. Download the Environmental Good Housekeeping Guide for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from INEM's site at Also important is the Eco-mapping Guide located at the same site. It is a visual tool to analyse and manage environmental performance of smaller organisations.

A good introduction for the implementation of cleaner production technologies is put up by the Manufacturing Partnership of Western Massachusetts, Inc. This section lists both the incentives and barriers in implementing Cleaner Production and is located at

Success Stories
A compresensive list in various industries can be found at the following:

Manufacturing Partnership of Western Massachusetts, Inc.
manufacturing case studies

International Network for Environmental Management (INEM)
Case Studies

EnviroNET Australia
Examples and Case Studies

Enviro$en$e- part of US EPA
Case Studies

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