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Interesting Links


UNEP - Environmental Links

United States - Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP)

INEM - International Network for Environmental Management


Earth Systems Inc. WWW Virtual Library - Environment

Environmental Building News website

Association for Environment Conscious Building

Mining Environmental Management Magazine

Manufacturing Partnership of Western Massachusetts, Inc.

The Cynus Group

Committee for the National Institute for the Environment

Sustainable Production and Consumption

Northeast Business Environmental Network - (Best Manufacturing Practice)

The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable


Pollution Prevention and Clean Production

Cleaner Production / Clean Technology

Sustainable Development Gateway

UCLA Center for Clean Technology (CCT)

Sustainable Development Web Sites

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Web Directory

We The People

Sustainable Development on the World Wide Web Virtual Library *****

Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development

Agenda 21

The Earth Summit's Agenda for Change - Agenda 21 in plain english.

EMS - ISO 14000

Environmental Management Standards

Case Studies in Environmental Management


EcoDesign Resource Centre

Universities, Institutions of higher learning on Cleaner Production and related subjects.

EnviroNet - Environmenal Education Database

Interduct - Delft University Clean Technology Institute

UCLA Center for Clean Technology (CCT)

Environmental Jobs

The Environmental Careers Organization

Sustainable Design (pay site)

The Network for Electronic Product Design (NEPD)

Managing eco-design: a training solution

The Journal of Sustainable Product Design

Tips on Searching the Internet

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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