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  Cleaner Production (
A strategy for preventing pollution, applied to processes, products and services.
What is Cleaner Production? ( It contains the UNEP's definition on Cleaner Production. Cleaner Production Activities(
  Promoting Cleaner Production Investments in Developing Countries ( This page provides information on the funding of CP projects. NCPCS (UNIDO - UNEP National Cleaner Production Centres Program) ( NCPC program aims to help introduce Cleaner Production in developing countries and countries in transition. It helps in the adoption and further development of the cleaner production concept at the national level. The NCPC program is administered by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), with close association with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).
The NCPCs use four ways to reach their objective:
  • showing that cleaner production works through in-plant demonstrations;
  • educating cleaner production practitioners through training;
  • getting the message across to a wider audience through information collection and dissemination; and
  • Assisting policy makers to identify institutionalized barriers to cleaner production through policy study and recommendations.

  • Since late 1994, 15 centres have been established in the following countries; Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Mexico, Nicaragua, Slovak Republic, Tanzania, Tunisia, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Contact details with links are provided.
    Working Groups ( "The mission of the UNEP IE Cleaner Production Working Groups (WGs) is to identify and supply technical expertise, advice and information in support of the UNEP Program for Sustainable Production and Consumption based on the strategy of Cleaner Production (CP) and the participation of specialized global networks. "
    The CP Working Group's list (shown below) includes links and contact information.
    • Biotechnology for Cleaner Production
    • Textiles Production
    • Food Industry
    • Leather Tanning
    • Metal Finishing
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Sustainable Product Development
    • Education and Training
    • Policies, Strategies and Instruments
    • Information sharing and Exchange
    News and Events ( This page contains information on News and Events on Cleaner Production (CP). CP activities Worldwide ( A link page to CP avtivities worldwide. It is divided into the following categories:
    •  International Organizations
    •  Asia Pacific Organizations
    •  National Efforts
    •  Links Lists
    •  Publications
    •  Software
    •  Reference
    •  Electronic Mail Lists (Listservers)
    •  UN and UNEP web sites
    International Declaration on Cleaner Production( Information on the declaration including signatory lists and news, is provided on this page. CP Information Sources and  Documents (
       ICPIC Database ( International Cleaner Production Information Clearinghouse (ICPIC).
               UNEP TIE developed the  ICPIC database. It is " a collection of cleaner production databases that can help you implement cleaner production by providing you with examples of technical and policy applications, abstracts of available publications, lists of expert contact institutions, and information on sources available from UNEP IE. It is a handy electronic reference tool that is easily searchable by specific key words or any word(s) you specify, and from which print outs can be quickly produced. "
               It is available for download. File size is 10 MB. Follow the links from this page to download it. Examples of the contents on the ICPIC database are included. This page also includes an excellent link for other cleaner production databases, www servers, and software.
    Our Publications (
      CP Newsletter (
    The current issue can be downloaded in the Adobe PDF format.

    Upcoming Publications (
    This page gives the publications that are currently under preparation by UNEP TIE and will be published in the near future.

    Publication List (
    A comprehensive list of publications is included and includes Eco-design, Eco-Efficiency and Cleaner Production, Life Cycle Assessment etc.

    Contacts ( UNEP TIE CP - Contact Information
    Other worldwide CP contacts - accessed using the ICPIC Databases

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